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ASIAN LAPCON 2019 _ Online Registration

Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Faridabad

In continuity of our endeavor to popularize laparoscopic surgery among young & practicing surgeons, we are organizing live operative workshop ASIAN LAPCON 2019 on Sunday 10th March 2019.

As the fact goes that the best outcome of any surgery depends on various aspects such as correct knowledge of anatomy, the precision in surgeon’s dissection & tissue- handling skills and meticulous time management to keep operative time to least minimum. Acquiring those skill sets is possible at large through observing ideal techniques step by step followed and perfected by the masters in their respective fields of expertise.

In the scheduled workshop sessions at ASIAN LAPCON 2019, we have made an effort to demonstrate broader varieties of laparoscopic cases including the Gynae and Urology by the renowned faculty members for the benefit of all practicing surgeons.

You have previously witnessed our successful live operative workshop ASICON 2015 at Gurugram where we telecasted 14 live operations in a single day.

We extend our warm invitation to you to participate in our upcoming comprehensive live laparoscopy workshop at ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES , FARIDABAD (Delhi NCR)

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