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Case report of an 84 year old man with inguinal hernia

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Case Study: Ignorance to medical needs can make the life miserable by affecting the quality of life. This is about an 84 years old man who work for an “Ashram” as volunteer. Since last 40 years he had such a big “inguinal hernia” that all the time he wanted to rest upon bed because every time he wish to get up from the bed he had to hold the hernia with both his hands due to serious enlargement of hernia size. Facing such agony on daily basis he choose to remain away from consultation & medical treatment due to fear of getting operated and this ignorance & fear of operation has spoiled all his fruitful and young life but he did not turned to a Hernia consultant or surgeon. He only came to me when he developed severe pain in his abdomen and this was due to mesenteric tear (tear to blood vessels which supply through intestine due to traction injury). Ideally repair of this type of huge inguinoscrotal hernia should be done by open surgery not by laparoscopy. Proper counselling was done to put him on ease & also to convince him about the need of surgery which was safe. Finally he underwent surgery successfully & recovered fast. He is now free from hernia & I hope he starts enjoying his life again.

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